January 2013 “speakeasy” at Robust Downtown

Happy New Year!  We couldn’t have picked a better spot to kick off 2013 with our DesignSpeak crowd!

Robust’s new location, Downtown at the MX is fabulously done!  Not only do they offer an amazing selection of wines (and bubbles, see pic below) but they do so with such effortless hospitality that it’s hard to imagine they have only been open a few weeks.  Everyone from our servers to our event coordinator to the owner, Stanley, were so welcoming to our group.  Thank you Robust for being so wonderful, accommodating and treating us to super yummy appetizers!


Robust – Before DS madness…


Robust – After over 80 DS peeps arrived!

This month, we had an amazing architectural renderer as our surprise vendor raffle, Danae Designs & everyone enjoyed mingling in the space designed by SPACE Architects.  Check out a few pictures that I took trying to capture the ambience & energy of the event.  You really need to check it out for yourself.  Parking Tip: Valet at Embassy Suites for only $3 and it gets added to your Robust tab…can’t beat that downtown!

Being our first event this year, DesignSpeak popped open a few bottles of bubbly to toast!  Overall, a very encouraging start to 2013 and I’m very thankful for all the amazing people that continue to support our mission!  I’m looking forward to many more exciting events this year!

Cheers & we’ll see you in February!!

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