#STL365 – The Foundrie

The Foundrie – Featuring the work of over 100 local and independent artists at Chesterfield Mall


The Foundrie is an independently owned shop at Chesterfield Mall in St.Louis, featuring handmade and vintage items.  Owners Shelah McClymont and Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence, each designers in their own right, take the utmost care in choosing the best, most unique products and displays to set The Foundrie apart from uninspired big box retailers.


“We currently carry the work of 100 local and independent artists.  Products range from jewelry, clothing, and accessories to furniture and home decor…..and even records and books from local musicians and authors!  We love everything local and handmade, and are ecstatic to be a part of St.Louis’ bustling indie scene!”

Be sure to visit The Foundrie for your unique, local, and handcrafted gifts!  They can be found here:



265 Chesterfield Mall

Chesterfield, MO 63017



2013 Holiday Hours (December):

Monday-Saturday 11-7 pm

Sunday 12-6 pm

** We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays January thru November **



Phone: 636-730-4130

Email:  elizabeth@thefoundrie.com

Email:  shelah@thefoundrie.com


Find The Foundrie online:

Website: thefoundrie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thefoundrie

Instagram: @thefoundrie

Twitter: @thefoundrie









#STL365 – New Habitat ReStore DesPeres Location

The Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis ReStore has expanded to Des Peres! IMG_20130620_150819_210

Similar to the ReStore Forest Park location in St. Louis City, ReStore Des Peres    specializes in new and gently used building materials and appliances, as well as some furniture and home decor. The ReStore receives donations from companies such as Lowe’s, Tree Court, and Mid-Am Building Supply, providing large quantities of certain items. However, the inventory is largely made up of donations from individuals, so you never know what sort of treasures you might find!

Josh Vaughn, ReStore General Manager, and Kimberly McKinney, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis Chief Executive Officer, at the ReStore Des Peres ribbon cutting.

Josh Vaughn, ReStore General Manager, and Kimberly McKinney, Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis Chief Executive Officer, at the ReStore Des Peres ribbon cutting.


The ReStore also offers a deconstruction service. ReStore Associates and trained volunteers will come to your house to help take out cabinets, plumbing fixtures, appliances and more.

The proceeds from the ReStore go to helping build homes for Habitat for Humanity Saint Louis partner families in the St. Louis area.
ReStore Des Peres is located behind Sam’s Club on Manchester Road.

ReStore Des Peres Address
2117 Sams Drive
Des Peres, MO 63131

Contact Information
Store Main Line: 314-678-4596
Donation: 314-678-4576
Deconstructions: 314-678-4596
ReStore Website

To Volunteer at the ReStore
Call: 314-371-0400
Visit HERE for more information

The ReStore boasts an expansive space, and is currently accepting donation items to add to the inventory.

The ReStore boasts an expansive space, and is currently accepting donation items to add to the inventory.

#stl365 – The Refind Room

Room VignetteLast month we posted about our STL365 campaign and whats it is all about. This week we would like to start our campaign off with The Refind Room:

The Refind Room is a furniture and home accessories store selling an eclectic collection of carefully selected, quality, previously owned items that look great in today’s homes. From mid-century to vintage to modern, The Refind Room offers customers a wide variety of styles from which to choose. It’s goal is to provide customers with unique quality pieces that cannot be found elsewhere, at affordable prices.


Room Vignette

All pieces are displayed in “room” vignettes, so that customers can visualize how each piece can be incorporated into their homes and with their existing furniture. The Refind Room is located in the old Brentwood Theater and holds design seminars, craft shows, art openings, and other events throughout the year.”



Room VignetteThe Refined Room is located at: 
2525 S. Brentwood Blvd
Brentwood MO 63144
314-962-room (7666)
You can stay connected with The Refined Room on:
If you have a place that you’d like to have your favorite local resource featured please send us your contact information at designspeakstl@gmail.com

A Gem of a Rug Destination by Kieara Crisp


My plan was to do my next blog  on a store that was completely opposite to the places I visited before. Consequently, Centro, the center for the Gucci and Louis Vutton brands of the home furnishing world located in the Central West End, was my original destination.  Literally 30 seconds before arriving I was sidetracked by Buddha; he was sitting calmly on the middle of a table facing me as though he was patiently awaiting my arrival. A skylight located above him directed soft natural light around him and a gorgeous 9 x 12 oriental rug hanging directly behind him.

I find most oriental rugs to be too distracting for my taste, but this one was different; negative space was a part of the design and not just the outcome of left over space from the motifs.The colors on this rug had a distinct hue to them that made it appear bright and alive without demanding attention. From my experience, rug shops are suppose to be large warehouses with huge piles lying everywhere. This store is only a tenth of the size of a small warehouse and uses half of the space and prime real estate to display only five rugs.

Intrigued, I walked into the store and was instantly welcomed by a yorkshire terrier. After I was cleared entrance, I was allowed to go behind Buddha and interviewed again, this time by a  standard poodle, while another one watched sleepily on a pile of rugs. Note your second interview will not go by as smoothly as the first since the poodle is still a ‘baby’ but you will be saved by Greg Halbert the owner. Mr. Halbert is the reason I am now in love with blogging. Talking to someone with so much passion, love, and knowledge fills you with the same emotions, even if you do not feel the same about the subject. His emotions were contagious!

Halbert’s rugs are collectables you could use in your space for decades, without loosing any value because they are ‘bullet proof’. They are made the exact way rugs were made 2,500 years ago. With yarn and dyes, rugs made by hand and natural materials. It takes up to six months to complete one rug. Halbert says they are an investment unlike synthetic rugs which do not increase in value over time and will not last as long. All of Halbert’s rugs come from a closed market. This means the designers and artisans of these rugs have total control over what they create; they send him a picture of what they made and the price.

Halbert told me a story about the Ford Granada that was built in the 1970’s to look like a Mercedes to compare his rugs to most of the rugs on the market. His simple question afterwards was, which car do you think people are still driving around today? If you appreciate art, craftsmanship,  and beauty, I highly encourage a visit. That is if your not allergic to  dogs and are not afraid of a standard poodle constantly showing you love and affection. ( that is, after winning his approval).

For more information, please visit…


The Blodgett Lighthouse…an experience like no other by Kieara Crisp


In-house design consultation, custom lamp design and repair, and professional installation are just a few of the many services available at the Blodgett Lighthouse. With over 30 years of experience, the lighthouse claims to be more than just another lighting store. According to them, they are your only lighting store. Quick disclaimer: If you are looking for professional help when it comes to selecting a lighting fixture and want a piece that sits quietly in the background, this is not the place for you. If you want expert advice and have a desire for a fixture that speaks to you, your client, and/or a specific project, look no farther.

Initially, I took The Lighthouse’s bold claim of being, “the only lighting store you need,” as a challenge. When I entered the building I was flooded with an odd sensation, which continued while walking around the store  (literally ever inch of the store is covered by a lamp, fixture, or the components to make one) and couldn’t decide if my feelings were a good or bad thing.

Because the Blodgett Lighthouse is set up like a museum with every collection on display, you have to give yourself adequate time to take it all in. If you don’t take the time, you would fail to notice how the motion-sensored lamps were constructed from vintage jars, bottles, and cans. Sure you would see the typical pendent fixture made with colored glass, but would completely miss the vintage and contemporary factory lamps (3x times cheaper than most without a loss of quality) to the right. Did that bright yellow sticker imply that they could turn any strange item I desire into a lamp? Why yes, yes it did.


Custom fixtures go beyond picking a different color than what is stocked. After fully appreciating what this means; all the cords, wires, and screws sitting neatly on the shelves start to scream creative potential and possibility. The staff here is friendly, funny, and completely obsessed with their job; these lighting gurus know what they are doing!  If you want a piece that sits quietly in the background, theres a lamp for that here as well. Good luck finding it. You may find yourself hours later coming up with items that spontaneously need to be turned into a wall sconce to go inside the future home of an unknown client… just in case.

Be sure to check out The Blodgett Lighthouse. An experience you will not soon forget!

P.S.  The old sensation was labeled a good thing upon reflection.

Rocket Century…Worth Checking Out! by Kieara Crisp


“What year is it again?” You have to ask yourself this question at least twice when you enter the Rocket Century gallery on S. Grand. The window front display, though nicely done, fails to prepare you for whats in store upon entering the gallery. Its the music that hits you first and acts as the catalyst for your transportation through time, but every designer knows its the furniture that keeps you there.  The gallery, which is no bigger than a small apartment, is designed to look and feel like distinctive spaces during the peak of Modernism, and trust me, it succeeds.

Its amazing how every piece exemplified not only quality and craftsmanship, but love and care until you meet the owner Kristina Starr, then it becomes blatantly obvious why. Mrs. Starr, along with her shop assistant Brian, have a strong bond with every piece and can tell you in full detail the history of any item you select in the gallery. Recently, they have acquired original designer pieces from Denmark made by ‘true designers’ that inspired the modern designers in America. These pieces are the result of designers ‘thinking out of the box’ for the first time, going against doctrines and tradition to produce something that responded to the times, something cool, something modern. Seeing these pieces in person is like meeting the role model to your role model (slightly mind blowing if your a romantic like me).


Before entering the showroom each piece is updated without loosing its essence; the upholstered furniture is reupholstered in fabric from its origanally time period. I highly  recommend not only visiting, but building a relationship with Rocket Century (trust me it wouldn’t be hard to do) for those projects that need a unique piece, from ashtrays to sofas, with a distinct history to make your spaces distinct,  for the times you need assistance for finding a specific item made in the 1920’s – 1980’s, or if you just love modern furniture.

But beware! It is easy to walk in and go directly to the record player or jukebox with the desire to turn up the volume, because your favorite song is playing, before looking for your remote so you can see if Bewitched is playing on your original black and white TV.  Although it isn’t your apartment, there is no TV, and unfortunately no Bewitched, you can always pretend.

Visit Rocket Century’s website!


spotted: not just your average framers by rebecca shell

Main Street – A place for everything, and everything in its place.

While strolling along, you will find more than just bars and restaurants on this main street located in St. Charles. To my delight, I ran into this little place called

Framations – Custom Framing and Art Gallery


It’s a fantastic place that can not only meet your framing needs, but also allows you to peruse through local artists’ talent. Artists from all over the metro St. Louis area have their works on display here. But there’s more good news! These special works of art are not only for viewing, they are also for purchasing! It’s a great place to go to to find and support your local artists. So come on in, have a look around, and don’t forget about special event nights. More info can be found on their website: http://www.framations.com/

Framations – Custom Framing and Art Gallery
218 N Main Street
Saint Charles, MO
United States

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monday: CLOSED

Don’t forget to check out their facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Framations-Art-Gallery/126409054042100



spotted: creepy crawlers? no it’s just…by rebecca shell

…the Bug Store!

If you’ve ever went into a retailer’s and felt a little bit overwhelmed by all of the merchandise there, this place certainly gives the same feeling – but – in my book, that’s a good thing.

Looking up


With things for outside of your home, inside your home, and anywhere in between,
you’ll have more than a thing or two to fill up your arms with goodies.
You can choose from a small handful of every day items, or an even
bigger handful of those fun “unusual” items.

Fantastic linear floor lamp


Don’t forget – there’s always a great clearance sale going on on the upper level of the store!
There’s more than one level you ask? Why yes – there’s the first level, a higher platform (still on same level),
a second level, and a lower platform (still on second level). Their store layout is just as interesting as the items they sell!



I think I shall let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy!
Hopefully, you’ve found an exciting new place to feast your eyes on as well. : )

See ya next time!


super fun idea - get creative in what you fill the test tubes with


I love this outdoor wind sculpture - Pretty enough for inside, too!


Located in historic Kirkwood, it’s not too far from other exciting venues.
Take a day to explore and have fun! I’m sure you’ll find even more than I did (if that’s possible).  ; )

Bug Store
(314) 966-2287
113 W Argonne Dr
Kirkwood, MO 63122

spotted: reclaimed wonders by rebecca shell

I did a little bit of hunting this Wednesday and I discovered my new favorite store – found by moonbeams.

I never knew I would want to spend so much time in such a quaint little store. Everywhere I turned, there was some little treasure to behold. This light fixture below is just one of many. Every day, found’s shoppers are adding new and exciting items to their collections.

light fixture discovered at found by moonbeams


Some of the items they make themselves. Below is 120-year-old bead board ornaments that have been painted and stamped with fun little phrases.

To the right, an old window frame salvaged from a moving neighbor.

If you are looking for anything with a bit of character, you’ve come to the right place.  From old trunks, to beautifully worn tables, this place has it all.

reclaimed window with handmade branch artwork by a local artist


beautifully weathered trunk


And you will definitely make a new friend or two.
My new friend, Maggie, one of found‘s awesome DIYers and employees, was most helpful
in explaining to me their vision for each item displayed in their store.
She’s actually the one who made up the fantastic bead board ornaments (I’m in love with those!).

Thanks to Maggie’s friendliness and found’s awesome finds, I can certainly say
that I will be back again for another visit!
Never know what I’ll find next time. I can’t wait!

Join in on the fun!
found by moonbeams
131 West Jefferson
Kirkwood, MO 63122
visit found’s facebook page
and make sure to “like” them!


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