spotted: not just your average framers by rebecca shell

Main Street – A place for everything, and everything in its place.

While strolling along, you will find more than just bars and restaurants on this main street located in St. Charles. To my delight, I ran into this little place called

Framations – Custom Framing and Art Gallery


It’s a fantastic place that can not only meet your framing needs, but also allows you to peruse through local artists’ talent. Artists from all over the metro St. Louis area have their works on display here. But there’s more good news! These special works of art are not only for viewing, they are also for purchasing! It’s a great place to go to to find and support your local artists. So come on in, have a look around, and don’t forget about special event nights. More info can be found on their website:

Framations – Custom Framing and Art Gallery
218 N Main Street
Saint Charles, MO
United States

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday-Saturday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Sunday: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Monday: CLOSED

Don’t forget to check out their facebook page here:



Tips on Achieving Balance by Kimberly Reuther

Who doesn’t need more balance in their lives?  We are all seeking the right combination of work and life, income and expenses, needs versus wants.  In design, we are striving for a balance of scale, proportion, and textures in the rooms we create.  In addition, there is an increasing desire to balance aesthetic appeal with function, especially in the case of technology.

Here are a few photos and tips on achieving balance in design.


Tablescape at Pottery Barn

This dining room tablescape illustrates asymmetrical balance of shapes and textures.  The cream and silver color scheme is punctuated with pops of green.  The slender tapers add height without being overpowering and their form is complemented by the spheres below.


Art collage in stairwell

An art collage of this scale is balanced by the larger photo in the center.  The variation of frame colors and mat choices combined with the lack of color in the photographs creates a cohesive grouping.


Loft Display by Kimberly

Balance in this room is achieved via color and texture.  The rough composition of the brick walls combined with the warm wood ceilings is contrasted by the sleek white furniture and lighting.  The butter and putty color scheme enhances the existing concrete and natural maple woods.  To avoid an overly stark, minimalist space, we added the playful circular themes in the art and bedding.


Modern Living Room by Kimberly

This client had a unique affinity for clean lines and brocade design elements.  We incorporated solid, modern furniture pieces with a few touches of the French-inspired elements to constitute harmony in the space.  The damask wallpapered panels take the place of art and balance nicely with the scale of the walls and the furniture.

Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME magazine. View it here. View more of Kimberly’s work here.


guest post: Luminary Patrons GET ART by James McAnally

Introduction by Kimberly Reuther:

DesignSpeak is committed to supporting local organizations and interior design. I founded it with the goal of connecting homeowners with our local resources and talented designers and I am already pleased with its success. A connection of mine recently introduced me to the owners of The Luminary Center for the Arts, Jame & Brea McAnally. I was immediately enamored of their vision for the artist community and felt it was very similar to my goals for DesignSpeak. However, they are way ahead of me! Here is one of James’ programs for local artists. I thought it would be great for our readers to learn about another way to give back to the community!

Without further ado, here’s James McAnally’s program, in his words.

luminary patrons get art

The Luminary’s Patron Program is an innovative approach for individuals and organizations to support the creation of new work while establishing lasting relationships with some of the most talented emerging artists. The program puts the patron in direct relationship with the artists they are supporting, allowing them to follow the process of the work being created as well as growing a deeper understanding about the process of artmaking. Through this process, patrons come to ‘get art.’


For the same amount that one would spend on a single piece of art, an artist’s time in The Luminary’s Residency Program is subsidized, allowing an entire body of work to be created, as well as giving them access to many other resources and opportunities provided them during their residency. In addition to dedicated studio space and financial support, The Luminary’s staff mentors the artists, advocates for them in the art world, and helps the artists to advance their career through individualized professional development plans. With the Patron Program, we also connects them with much-needed relationships with collectors, interior designers, architects and more who are invested in their career on a personal and professional level.


The artists in The Luminary’s Residency Program are consistently among the most exciting emerging artists working today. Recent applicants have been drawn from 5 continents and have shown at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. However, what makes our program unique is that we intentionally work with artists in the early stages of their career, whether through our annual MFA/BFA graduate program or through the open application process targeted at emerging artists.

Research has showed that fewer than 10% of artists continue their work 10 years after school. Due to lack of support, too few opportunities and the absence of an active community, 90% of all artists are led to quit making altogether. Investing in emerging artists through opportunities such as The Luminary Patron Program ensures that artists continue pursuing their craft and lay foundations for continued growth.

how to get involved

How to get involved:
If you are interested in becoming a Patron, contact us at to begin the process. We work with each Patron to identify what kinds of artwork would be of interest and send images of available work as they arrive. A typical residency lasts between 3 and 6 months and requires $150-$200/mo for local artists and approximately $300-$500/mo for national and international artists. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we are also able to offer partial tax write-offs for in-kind and cash donations. Our Patrons ensure that great art thrives and new ideas flourish. The Patron Program allows that direct interaction that sustains dialogue and changes both the patron and the artist.

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