spotted: reclaimed wonders by rebecca shell

I did a little bit of hunting this Wednesday and I discovered my new favorite store – found by moonbeams.

I never knew I would want to spend so much time in such a quaint little store. Everywhere I turned, there was some little treasure to behold. This light fixture below is just one of many. Every day, found’s shoppers are adding new and exciting items to their collections.

light fixture discovered at found by moonbeams


Some of the items they make themselves. Below is 120-year-old bead board ornaments that have been painted and stamped with fun little phrases.

To the right, an old window frame salvaged from a moving neighbor.

If you are looking for anything with a bit of character, you’ve come to the right place.  From old trunks, to beautifully worn tables, this place has it all.

reclaimed window with handmade branch artwork by a local artist


beautifully weathered trunk


And you will definitely make a new friend or two.
My new friend, Maggie, one of found‘s awesome DIYers and employees, was most helpful
in explaining to me their vision for each item displayed in their store.
She’s actually the one who made up the fantastic bead board ornaments (I’m in love with those!).

Thanks to Maggie’s friendliness and found’s awesome finds, I can certainly say
that I will be back again for another visit!
Never know what I’ll find next time. I can’t wait!

Join in on the fun!
found by moonbeams
131 West Jefferson
Kirkwood, MO 63122
visit found’s facebook page
and make sure to “like” them!


Tips on Achieving Balance by Kimberly Reuther

Who doesn’t need more balance in their lives?  We are all seeking the right combination of work and life, income and expenses, needs versus wants.  In design, we are striving for a balance of scale, proportion, and textures in the rooms we create.  In addition, there is an increasing desire to balance aesthetic appeal with function, especially in the case of technology.

Here are a few photos and tips on achieving balance in design.


Tablescape at Pottery Barn

This dining room tablescape illustrates asymmetrical balance of shapes and textures.  The cream and silver color scheme is punctuated with pops of green.  The slender tapers add height without being overpowering and their form is complemented by the spheres below.


Art collage in stairwell

An art collage of this scale is balanced by the larger photo in the center.  The variation of frame colors and mat choices combined with the lack of color in the photographs creates a cohesive grouping.


Loft Display by Kimberly

Balance in this room is achieved via color and texture.  The rough composition of the brick walls combined with the warm wood ceilings is contrasted by the sleek white furniture and lighting.  The butter and putty color scheme enhances the existing concrete and natural maple woods.  To avoid an overly stark, minimalist space, we added the playful circular themes in the art and bedding.


Modern Living Room by Kimberly

This client had a unique affinity for clean lines and brocade design elements.  We incorporated solid, modern furniture pieces with a few touches of the French-inspired elements to constitute harmony in the space.  The damask wallpapered panels take the place of art and balance nicely with the scale of the walls and the furniture.

Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME magazine. View it here. View more of Kimberly’s work here.


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