#STL365 – The Foundrie

The Foundrie – Featuring the work of over 100 local and independent artists at Chesterfield Mall


The Foundrie is an independently owned shop at Chesterfield Mall in St.Louis, featuring handmade and vintage items.  Owners Shelah McClymont and Elizabeth Hahn-Lawrence, each designers in their own right, take the utmost care in choosing the best, most unique products and displays to set The Foundrie apart from uninspired big box retailers.


“We currently carry the work of 100 local and independent artists.  Products range from jewelry, clothing, and accessories to furniture and home decor…..and even records and books from local musicians and authors!  We love everything local and handmade, and are ecstatic to be a part of St.Louis’ bustling indie scene!”

Be sure to visit The Foundrie for your unique, local, and handcrafted gifts!  They can be found here:



265 Chesterfield Mall

Chesterfield, MO 63017



2013 Holiday Hours (December):

Monday-Saturday 11-7 pm

Sunday 12-6 pm

** We are closed Mondays and Tuesdays January thru November **



Phone: 636-730-4130

Email:  elizabeth@thefoundrie.com

Email:  shelah@thefoundrie.com


Find The Foundrie online:

Website: thefoundrie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/thefoundrie

Instagram: @thefoundrie

Twitter: @thefoundrie









#stl365 – The Refind Room

Room VignetteLast month we posted about our STL365 campaign and whats it is all about. This week we would like to start our campaign off with The Refind Room:

The Refind Room is a furniture and home accessories store selling an eclectic collection of carefully selected, quality, previously owned items that look great in today’s homes. From mid-century to vintage to modern, The Refind Room offers customers a wide variety of styles from which to choose. It’s goal is to provide customers with unique quality pieces that cannot be found elsewhere, at affordable prices.


Room Vignette

All pieces are displayed in “room” vignettes, so that customers can visualize how each piece can be incorporated into their homes and with their existing furniture. The Refind Room is located in the old Brentwood Theater and holds design seminars, craft shows, art openings, and other events throughout the year.”



Room VignetteThe Refined Room is located at: 
2525 S. Brentwood Blvd
Brentwood MO 63144
314-962-room (7666)
You can stay connected with The Refined Room on:
If you have a place that you’d like to have your favorite local resource featured please send us your contact information at designspeakstl@gmail.com

2012: year of orange by kimberly reuther

Hello Orange!  Tangerine Tango has been chosen the color of the year by Pantone.  What a fresh start to 2012!  Orange can be a very tricky color, people usually love it or hate it.  Well, let’s take a closer look at its merits and I bet you’ll start to warm up!

Orange has the energy and vibrancy of red but without the dramatic undertones.  Orange has the spirit and sunny qualities of yellow but it is equally grounded in earthiness.  It plays well with other colors but sometimes can’t help but stealing the show.  So, now how do you live with orange?

– Go big or go home!

If you are a lover of orange and bold choices, then by all means, saturate a room in this splendid hue!  Tip:  When painting with a dark color, using semi-gloss paint will reflect light and keep from closing in the space.

– A little color goes a long way.

If you want to add a pop of color to your room, here are a few ideas to try.  Tip: Make sure to incorporate the color in at least three places to carry the effect.

– The more the merrier!

If you want to balance the boldness of the orange, why not add a few more colors to the mix?  Tip: Use patterns or solids but make sure you give each color enough weight to create cohesion in the space.

– Explore new directions.

Draw from fashion, change the hue a little, use the color to spark your own personality.  Tip: Paint and small accents are the easiest pieces to update if you like to follow trends.

Have fun incorporating this fresh color into your home!

the holiday season: a celebration of light by juliana schafer

Every year, between November and January, there are many aesthetics that come to mind. For some, it is the colors red and green, for others a well decorated tree, but probably the most powerful thing is the presence of light. A certain romantic atmosphere of twinkling lights that appeal more to our hearts rather than our critical minds.

 In looking at different displays, I was inspired by some creative ones such as this north pole scene in Japan featured below.

 It is a time of year when everybody is designer, carefully conscious of whether their exterior lighting expresses the things they wish to experience this season: beauty, joy, and peace. But even though one house may be decorated more sensibly than another, you still have to admit that it is the collective displaying of lights that is essential to producing a truly magical effect.

It occurred to me that holiday lighting is the single most symbolic expression of unity during the holiday season. So as we wrap up 2011 and head into the new year, let us remember to continue appreciating light the way we do around the holidays. Let us become inspired to guide it, filter it, and produce it in ways that are meaningful to us.



The Right Stripes by Kimberly Reuther

How do you feel about stripes?  I personally think a room isn’t complete without a stripe fabric, rug, etc.  Stripes are a fundamental part of design. They can change the look of a piece of furniture or a room by being bold or subtle.  Stripes can be edgy, playful, modern or sophisticated depending on the size, color and placement.

So, which ones are right for you?  I’ve compiled a group of beautiful spaces using stripes to their advantage.  See if this helps you narrow down your options!

A well-tailored room gains energy from the striped rug.

This bold cabana stripe awning is the perfect backdrop to the colorful furniture and lush plants.

Wide horizontal stripes along with moulding accents blend beautifully with the baroque elements in this room.

This playroom screams enthusiasm partly due to the varied colorful stripes on the wall.

I love how this traditional room is transformed by a bold color palette and the vibrant striped rug.

This sofa from Crate & Barrel is like a men's suit, handsome and timeless.

This is not your grandmother's sofa. Reupholstering an antique in a modern stripe is the perfect juxtaposition.

Skinny stripes form a soft balancing backdrop for a room that is full of collected pieces.

Another great example of a bold stripe on a traditional piece of furniture.

Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME’s website.  Read more of Kimberly’s work and view her portfolio at www.kimberlyreuther.com.

Inspiring Moments by Mandi Maurer Gray

What inspires creative professionals tends to expose itself in our work. We gather images in our memory, which emerge when we are creating. This collection of inspiring moments happens over our entire lifetimes. We constantly add to our bank of images while traveling, shopping, walking through our cities and parks, and while commuting to work.

Inspiration is endless. All we have to do is be open and attune to our surroundings. Taking time to “take in” where we are, what we are doing, and what is all around us. In our busy lives, this can prove to be harder to do than one may think.

This brings me to ask the question…what inspires you? What types of shapes, patterns, colors, textures, smells, appeal to you? I would like to propose a challenge. For one week, carry a journal of some sort with you and document your inspirations. This can be from the smallest spark of intrigue to an overwhelming attraction. This will truly become a journal of insight and self-realization upon review at the end of the week. It may even become a part of daily practice, not to mention, a worthwhile activity for igniting new ideas and creativity in our daily lives & careers as creative professionals.

I encourage anyone who takes part in this challenge to post comments and thoughts regarding their experiences. It will be fun to see what types of images are inspiring to others. In fact, it may even be a way to find new inspiration for ourselves.

Healthy Abode: Spa Bath – Part 2 by Melanie Holden

If your summer was anything like mine, it was a hectic one, and Iíd venture to say that weíre all overdue for a little R&R before the busy holiday season kicks into full gear. So, letís pick up where we left off a while back and get back to spa-ing your bath so that you can have that R&R in the comfort of your own home! Hopefully, youíve already incorporated a few organic elements as I discussed in part 1. Maybe you added a pretty plant or two or a few rocks here and there? Now letís move on to one of my favorite subjects, COLOR!

Color has an enormous impact on your feelings in any space ñ not just your bathroom; it is a key factor in establishing balance within the body and soul.

In general, warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow stimulate while cooler colors like blue, indigo and violet evoke a more calming influence. With that in mind, if itís the ultra-relaxing spa atmosphere you are after, it is preferable to primarily implement calming colors within the space rather than energizing colors. With that said, nothing dictates that a bathroom canít have a bit of stimulating color and still provide a relaxing atmosphere. Every color has its own specific qualities that are beneficial to the therapeutic process, so itís important to focus on the particular therapies that are most significant to you.

When considering the direction to take with your bathroom colors, itís helpful to appreciate the effects any given color may have on your mind and body. So, letís chat our way through the rainbow starting with one of my choice spa-bath colors: blue.

Blue tones generate a sense of peace, serenity and balance. Whether itís azure, cobalt, indigo, sapphire, navy, or aquamarine that strikes your fancy, shades of blue can invoke calmness and invite introspect. Blue is associated with the sky, the ocean, and water in general. The tranquilizing property of blue is helpful in relieving headaches and muscle cramps and is said to have a healing effect on many other types of aches and pains. All of these qualities make blue tones an excellent choice for bathroom color palettes!

Similar to the tranquil qualities of blue, green is classic, calming, harmonizing, detoxifying, and even sedative. It relaxes me just thinking about it! Green is associated with nature, rebirth, growth and money. Have you ever noticed that hospitals often incorporate green into their color schemes? Thatís no mere coincidence. Some shades of green are actually known to have healing qualities and can evoke feelings of security and self-confidence. However, other shades of green should be utilized cautiously, as they can be reminiscent of mold or decay, undesirable in any environment, much less a bathroom.

A blend of blue and red tones, purple is a fascinating, paradoxical color that employs both relaxing and stimulating characteristics of the color spectrum.

It represents royalty, prestige, divinity, authority, and anger. Purple is stimulating, yet meditative, and may aid in detoxifying the body when used in moderation. Physically, purple can provide pain-relieving, tranquilizing, and hypnotic effects. It has been known to enhance intuition and imagination, and reduce stiffness, blood pressure, and body temperature. Purple can provide many positive effects for the mind and body, but when overused it can also prove to cause, create, or exaggerate depression, so use it with care. I typically prefer to see it as an accent color in bathroom applications.

Not surprisingly, yellow is an eye-catching, optimistic, energetic color of awakening. This cheerful, bright color of the rising sun inspires intellectual activity and power. It is a cleansing color that stimulates the digestive system, purifies the blood stream, and has even been known to alleviate headaches. As with many colors, it does have adverse effects when used in overabundance, sometimes creating anxiety and mental tension.

Guest Post: 5 Things You Won’t Learn From Cable TV by Cary Baumann

A&E and HGTV still haven’t called, nor have their cameras ever appeared at one of the many properties I “flipped” or rehabbed.

I’ve been at it longer than these stations have existed: buying foreclosed and distressed properties fixing them up, staging them and selling the property for a profit. It did surprise me that someone found flipping real estate to be worthy of a television show until I saw a few of these shows. Suddenly the way I rehabbed felt very boring.

I never removed kitchen cabinets with an axe. In fact I haven’t done any demolition work with an axe. I have never convened with my posse in a large black SUV. I have never gotten in a physical altercation with any of my contractors. But, I have had insects rain on me like a spring storm. I also have encountered smells that are beyond description and scenes that are not suitable for television. So, now you know why the cameras haven’t shown up.

Staging Your Home To Sell and Other Real Estate Investing Tips

Those of you wanting to try your hand at real estate investing should know that if cameras did follow me the show would be very different. Here a few things I’ve done that the cameras may have missed.

Get Mentors.
My network of friendly competitors and mentors contributes the most to the success of my business. Viewers never see Armando call his mentor when he gets in a bind. I have a feeling his mentor may suggest he not engage in fist fights with contractors.

Use Professionals.
Take pride in your rehabs, adopt the philosophy “if the job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well”. We are lucky in the St. Louis area to have such skilled trades, so call your mentors and find out who they recommend. Use ASID designers for staging as well as kitchen and bath design. Use structural engineers. Use Realtors for marketing. Unlike the television shows, my projects go relatively smooth. I owe this to the slew of talented people that help me with my rehabs. If the television experts used professionals they would know that not staging at all is better than bad staging (and axes are for lumberjacks).

Make a Great First Impression. 
Great, not good. Good isn’t great enough. My clients are always anxious to hurry and get their projects on the market. Seeing how far a project has come, a client frequently sees it as ready to go. The competition may have started from an entirely different place. That’s why yours must be great. A buyer isn’t going to come back and take a second look if she wasn’t impressed after the first visit. The taping schedule forces TV projects to hold open houses while the paint is still drying or flooring still needs to be laid. Don’t lose your patience at the end and give buyers the impression that you hastily threw the entire project together.

Don’t Get Greedy.
Price your project to sell quickly; there’s no prize for the house that sits on the market the longest. Your first offer could be your only offer, so try to make a deal. Not all projects are winners. You may have to take an offer that makes you pick up your lemons and move on to the next project to make lemonade. After the television show ends you don’t always know what price the property fetched or if it even sold at all. Many investors will turn a rehab project that is not selling into a rental and attempt to sell in a better market. Being a landlord is very different than being a rehabber, but both are very real possibilities.

Don’t Stop Doing What Made You Successful. 
Be disciplined to stick to the systems you have refined that have produced the desired results. I suppose the television personalities had to realize some level of success in real estate to attract the attention of producers. Though their television antics are entertaining, I would find it hard to believe that the behavior exhibited is the most profitable and efficient way to rehab houses. If you want to be a successful real estate investor, think of the overall process of rehabbing as a routine elimination of weaknesses. Initially you may not fetch the price you want because you overlooked certain things. But as you learn from your mistakes, you’ll eliminate your weak points, and the end result will be a smooth and efficient rehabbing method that will consistently earn a profit.

If you’re interested in rehabbing, and you have realistic expectations and a good work ethic–give it a try. The risks can be high, but currently there are a lot of properties available and prices have sunk to rock bottom. The prices of large black SUVs have also come down.

Interior Designer Cary Baumann’s company, Cary and Company, LLC, was voted BEST Staging Company by St. Louis AT HOME Magazine.

color trends: fall colors on display by kimberly reuther

How bright and beautiful are all the fall leaves? It seems like overnight the colors exploded on the trees! Equally beautiful are the furniture and accessories on display all over the city. And pretty soon, Christmas season will be upon us! Can you believe the stores are already getting decorations out to sell?

So, I went hunting for fall inspiration this week and here is what I found:

Love, love, love this chair at Niche downtown as well as the red vases. The background color of the store works so well with these deep earth tones!


You don’t have to go much further than your backyard or local farmer’s market for color inspiration. Here is a beautiful tree and my pumpkin display before I paint my designspeak logos on them.


I taught the monthly decorating class at Pottery Barn this weekend and I was enamored with these cute little acorn salad bowls. The glazing is nice and rich and the scale is adorable with everyday white dinner plates! Also, the red leaves pair so nicely with red wine which is indicative of the season as well.


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