Junior League Kitchen Tours – Sneak Peek #1

Hello, my name is Jennifer Steward and I don’t write blogs… Though I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Pam Kennedy, owner of 1235 Brownell, and I became super inspired to write this one. I have to tell you, driving through the adorable suburbs of Glendale, walking up to Pam’s house, I had every intention of walking into a traditional, classic kitchen. However, as soon as I walked in- BOOM! Color everywhere, outside-the-box design, open & inviting all hit me at once. I had an ‘AAaahhhh’ moment- never judge a book by its cover.

In speaking with Pam, I discovered that her contemporary taste started at the young age of 8 when her parents took her to a contemporary subdivision to look at display homes. ‘I knew as soon as I walked into those homes that contemporary was my style. All my life I lived in traditional décor that just simply wasn’t me.’

It took Pam over a year of research, and making sure the last kiddo was out of college before pulling the trigger to make it all come to life. ‘The backsplash is my favorite part! I walked into so many tile shops before finally seeing what I wanted!’

This house is a must-see. Be happy that Junior League is making this opportunity come to life- perhaps you’ll be inspired too!

The Junior League hosts “A Gathering Place” on April 21st.  For more information about the Tour and to purchase tickets, please click here!

Going ‘smart’ by Jamie Briesemeister

Smart phone, smart home, smart… appliances?  Yes – even those.

Our life is filled with ‘smart’ technology that enables people to interact with each other, the home, the office – the world – like never before.  It’s extended into our mobile phones – creating mini-computers we use to text, check email, browse Facebook, bank online, and sometimes… on occassion, to make a phone call.  It’s in our homes – connecting the systems we interact with daily to simplify the way we live.

Now, ‘smart’ technology is being embedded in our appliances: refrigerators, ovens, washers/dryers, and more… all to enhance our life, conserve energy, and save money.  Here are a few feature benefits of having a ‘smart’ appliance.

1. Pro-active service from your appliance manufacturer.  Many manufacturers will be able to remotely monitor your appliance, notice if it is not performing as expected, and call you to schedule a service visit – even before the appliance stops working.  That’s service!

Connected 'smart' appliances

Network-connected, or 'smart' appliances, provide better manufacturer service.

2. Energy costs vary throughout the course of a day.  Connected appliances will be able to display your usage options so you can use the device at the time of day that makes sense for your family.  Adjust simple features (such as a heating element) to lower energy costs and see it reflected on the screen before you hit ‘wash’.

Appliance energy manager

As energy costs vary throughout the day, 'smart' appliances can guide your use habits for optimized savings.

3. Tired of throwing away rotten food?  No more worries – or old food – as some refrigerators will be outfitted with the ability to manage your food freshness.

Food management

A display panel acts as a map to find your specialty produce when you need it.

4. Have a busy house where the refrigerator door gets left open throughout the day?  Ever forget to turn off the oven after you were done baking?  Not only is this a waste of energy every time it happens – it’s a danger for children and pets.  Smart appliances will be able to send you an email, text message, ‘ping’ your in-ceiling speakers, and more – to inform you about the status of your kitchen – before it becomes a problem.

Busy family fridge

As people come and go, the doors may get left open. Smart appliances can notify you to shut the door (text, email, etc.) - unfortunately, they do not (yet) shut themselves.

5. As part of an automated home, smart appliances can display information on the same remotes, iPhone/iPad, or touchscreen that you use to control the music or lighting in your home.  That’s smart – and convenient!

Smart Kitchen

The heart of the home is a great location to go 'smart' - new construction or existing.

Smart appliances are a relatively new concept, with new technology, and many people may still be hesitant to jump on board.  In this case, while in the planning stages for a kitchen design or in a current remodel – consider the need for connected appliances for future use.  A simple and inexpensive consideration for your electric systems contractor would be to run a category 5e or 6 (cat5e / cat6) cable to your appliance locations.

This way, while your appliance may not be ‘smart’ now, at least YOU are as you plan for future needs.

To read more of Jamie’s work, click here to visit her website!

Spotted: Industrial Chic Barstools by Kimberly Reuther

We are seeking different.  We want to have a conversation starter when friends admire our homes.  We are seeking unexpected touches to add to the mix.

Enter industrial chic barstools!  They are popping up everywhere!

But how do you know which one is right for you?  They can be used in both modern and traditional settings and these images are great examples to help you decide!

barstool from West Elm

barstool from Wisteria

barstool from Restoration Hardware

barstools from Crate & Barrel


Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME’s website.  Read more of Kimberly’s work and view her portfolio at www.kimberlyreuther.com.

Style Defined: Modern Cottage by Kimberly Reuther

Summer is winding down and you’ve bid your goodbyes to the weekend retreats until next year. What makes these sojourns so relaxing and refreshing? Partly, the absence of “real world” responsibility and maybe more noticeably, the crisp backdrop of furniture and finishes that allow you to breathe easier.

Here are a few examples of these types of places, that I like to define as “modern cottage.” They have a lot of cottage elements but are great at achieving the clean, balance of modern design. The scale and placement of the modern art, accessories, and lighting complement the casual, laid back furniture chosen.


dining room

3 Tips for incorporating a touch of “modern coastal” inspiration into your home:

1. Add “pops” of color in the form of paint, pillows, accessories, or artwork.


2. Add unexpected modern touches such as a stainless steel farmhouse sinks and chairs.


living room

3. Add pattern in the form of colorful stripes and whimsical abstract florals.

dining room

These small changes are sure to keep you relaxing all the way until next summer!
Happy decorating!

Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME’s website.  Read more of Kimberly’s work and view her portfolio at www.kimberlyreuther.com

What makes an oven great? by Kimberly Reuther

“I love to cook, correction, I love to bake. Mainly, I love to make cookies for the holidays. When I was growing up, my grandma used to make so many different kinds of cookies, the Tupperware containers spanned for miles! Well, maybe it just seemed like that to an eight year old with visions of chocolate chip cookies in her head!”

Cookie Press Cookies are my absolute favorite!

I also remember baking cookies and pies and strudel cake (so seventies) with my mom. Brownies were a favorite and she could never seem to get the consistency of them correct. The edges you could throw against the wall and the middle was as gooey as the batter originally started out. A few years and other residences later, I realized it may have had more to do with her oven than her cooking skills.

Living in an apartment in the city, I had to get used to gas stoves. Now, if I cook at my parents’ house on an electric range, I think time has stopped as I wait for the water to boil! Needless to say, I have become a huge fan of gas ranges!

I also love reality TV cooking shows and I thought it was time to find out what makes a gas range good, what makes it better and what makes it the best option for a home cook.

Oh, how I wish my dishes would turn out like this!

Here are suggestions from AUTCOhome:

Good – Bosch model HDS7052U


Key points

  • Touch & Turn® Electronic Oven Control with 8 Cooking Modes
  • Continuous Grates – Effortlessly Move Pots and Pans. Easy to Clean.
  • Sealed Burners Prevent Spills From Entering the Burner Box
  • Integrated Warming Drawer

Better – Electrolux EW30DF65GS


Key Points

  • Wave-Touch™ Controls
  • Luxury-Glide™ Oven Racks
  • Perfect Pair™ Ovens
  • Perfect Turkey® Button

Best – Wolf DF304


Key points

  • Natural or LP gas rangetop with large capacity dual convection electric oven
  • Ten cooking modes
  • Dual-stacked sealed 9,200 Btu / hr (2.7 kWh) and 15,000 Btu/ hr (4.4 kWh) burners
  • Temperature probe feature

Happy Cooking!

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