Junior League Kitchen Tours – Sneak Peek #3

 A bright floor plan + a mix of natural materials + an aged, historical, evolved design = A beautiful kitchen at 7430 Hiawatha!

The Robinsons built a new house to replace an old, forgotten building.  The kitchen is a focal point in the design of their new home. The natural materials include forged iron, copper, marble, a reclaimed cobblestone floor, reclaimed doors and a washed oak ceiling.

All of this add up to a warm, welcoming, highly usable, charming new kitchen.

The Junior League hosts “A Gathering Place” on April 21st.  For more information about the Tour and to purchase tickets, please click here!

Working With An Interior Designer by Victoria Dreste

Gone are the days of the interior designer who comes sweeping into your home declaring everything hideous and demanding the removal of everything you own.

Today a designer is more likely to meet with you, ask questions about your likes and listen carefully to what you have to say, helping you to discover your personal style.

If you are the kind of person who finds it difficult to communicate what you like but are definite about what you do not like, good. That is a great place to start.

Your sofa doesn’t have to look like every other sofa you see. Furniture, area rugs and window treatments can all be produced to exact specifications. A professional will design and customize your home to define and achieve your style.

Working with a designer gives you the opportunity to purchase from sources that are specific to designers and architects. This bedroom has fabrics and wall coverings from Osborne & Little.

This gorgeous bedroom was customized with the client’s collection of framed botanicals. I also love the rustic beams with the sophisticated chandelier.

This living room setting includes furniture with custom finishes. Selecting specific finishes allows you to design the exact look you want for your home. 

In this sitting room new furniture is mixed with vintage to create a slightly bohemian style.

A mix of furniture and fabrics create a chic dining style. 

With the guidance of an interior designer you can have a home that is your personal style.

You can see more of Vicki’s work here.

Area Rug Inspiration By Victoria Dreste

Thinking of buying an area rug? What will it do for your room?

A rug can define the areas of a large room. It can add definition to a small room.

Color, pattern and texture are important elements in interior design. An area rug can add each of these to a room. A rug. of course is about texture. A beautiful rug over a tile or wood floor adds texture and softness. The texture is also great for acoustics and ambiance.  The texture of the rug will absorb sound and create a more comfortable room.

The color palette for a room can be determined from the colors of a rug you love and purchase. In the rug you will find the colors for walls, furniture, window treatments, lighting and accessories.  If you choose a rug with a strong pattern you can add furniture and fabrics in solids and still have an interesting room.

A rug with a pastel palette enhances the look of this creamy white room.

The deep green of the walls is an accent color found in the Peacock patterned rug.

The classic key pattern is updated for this contemporary rug.

A beautiful blue fretwork pattern adds elegance.

The green leaf pattern with a brown background grounds the room and establishes the color palette.

A monochromatic modern setting is brought to life with a bold, bright area rug.

A traditional Ushak pattern in deep blue is a wonderful contrast to the aged pine table.

A rug with a lovely floral pattern is complimented by deep teal walls and white furnishings.

In this room the rug is there to compliment the beautiful, rich wood of the walls and furniture.  The pattern is interesting but it doesn’t overwhelm the space.

The vibrant swirl pattern adds boldness to an otherwise sedate room.

Modern elements in a traditional setting bring an updated, fresh style.

When adding an area rug find one that you love. You can design your room around your amazing new purchase.

Photos from The Rug Company You can see more from Vicki here.

Kitchen Tour Exclusive #2 by Victoria Dreste

Another exciting sneak peak into this weekend’s kitchen tour event!  Click here for more info & to buy tickets!

When the Grecos purchased their home twenty years ago it needed help. The kitchen was small and had not been updated.

At that time they put on a kitchen addition.  With a young family and active lives they didn’t have their dream kitchen but they did have more space.

Twenty years later it was time for the dream.  The planning started in the fall of 2009. by the summer of 2010 the project was underway.  It was completed in November 2010. now they have the kitchen they dreamed of.

Most important was the layout and function of the new kitchen. The space includes an  l shaped island, a built in breakfront and a bar area with a sink and storage for glasses.  A wall that once held a built in desk is now a wall of storage., that includes a tall cabinet for those items we never know what to do with ( vacuum, table leaves…).

The color palette for the kitchen is soft neutrals. The traditional cabinets are painted a soft cream color or a muted khaki green.
The counters are granite in tones of white, cream, grey and tan. The suede finish on the granite gives it a unique look and makes clean up  quicker and easier.

Lion details on the cabinet hardware pay homage to the university city location.
This is a beautiful well designed kitchen. It fits perfectly in to the Greco’s classic, traditional home.

To view Vicki’s portfolio or read more of her blogs, visit her website!

Kitchen Tours Exclusive Sneak Peek by Victoria Dreste

As the online sponsor of the Junior League’s Kitchen Tours, we are able to give you a sneak peak into some of the homes on the tour!  Here’s Vicki’s perspective on this amazing kitchen renovation!

Jenny and Todd Rausch are renovating a one hundred year old house.  The house, located in a historic area of Kirkwood, sat empty for three years. When they purchased the house Jenny was pregnant (with twins). The strong odors (stench) from the house kept her from seeing much of it before they made the purchase.

Rausch Kitchen In Progress

The renovations began, the twins were born. Their first Kirkwood home sold quickly leaving the Rausch family without a St. Louis home.  So Todd, Jenny, daughter Ellie, and the twins, Jack and Maggie began shuffling between a relative’s home in south county and their summer cottage in Illinois.

The kitchen and sunroom are part of the first phase of renovations.  Since Jenny and Todd are the owners of Karr Bick Kitchen and Bath, the kitchen is a very important part of the home. It is the heart and soul.


View into Sunroom

The kitchen has been designed for an active family. Because there wasn’t a single wall large enough to accommodate the refrigerator innovative design and clever planning prevailed. There are two smaller refrigerators flanking a doorway. Each one is enclosed with the same wood panels as the surrounding cabinets.

Two Refrigerators

Great attention to detail is found in the kitchen. The panels on the island have the distinctive linen fold pattern.  The linen fold detail was originally used in larger homes to designate space used to hold the households linens. The beautiful folded linen is a lovely, unique detail on the kitchen island. The perimeter cabinets and wood work have a custom time worn finish that adds character and charm.


Island with Linen Fold Pattern

The floor in the kitchen and sunroom is a limestone laid in a herringbone pattern. The look is reminiscent of a French country terrace.  The soapstone counters, limestone floor, custom finishes, linen fold detail, on demand water heat and historical location all add to the ambiance and functionality of this extremely well designed kitchen.  The home, the kitchen is amazing.


Cabinet Detail

You can view the  Great Day St louis segments featuring the Rausch home here.

Check out more of Vicki’s work and view her portfolio here.

Don’t forget to order tickets to the kitchen tours on April 2nd!  Click here for more info.


Tips on Achieving Balance by Kimberly Reuther

Who doesn’t need more balance in their lives?  We are all seeking the right combination of work and life, income and expenses, needs versus wants.  In design, we are striving for a balance of scale, proportion, and textures in the rooms we create.  In addition, there is an increasing desire to balance aesthetic appeal with function, especially in the case of technology.

Here are a few photos and tips on achieving balance in design.


Tablescape at Pottery Barn

This dining room tablescape illustrates asymmetrical balance of shapes and textures.  The cream and silver color scheme is punctuated with pops of green.  The slender tapers add height without being overpowering and their form is complemented by the spheres below.


Art collage in stairwell

An art collage of this scale is balanced by the larger photo in the center.  The variation of frame colors and mat choices combined with the lack of color in the photographs creates a cohesive grouping.


Loft Display by Kimberly

Balance in this room is achieved via color and texture.  The rough composition of the brick walls combined with the warm wood ceilings is contrasted by the sleek white furniture and lighting.  The butter and putty color scheme enhances the existing concrete and natural maple woods.  To avoid an overly stark, minimalist space, we added the playful circular themes in the art and bedding.


Modern Living Room by Kimberly

This client had a unique affinity for clean lines and brocade design elements.  We incorporated solid, modern furniture pieces with a few touches of the French-inspired elements to constitute harmony in the space.  The damask wallpapered panels take the place of art and balance nicely with the scale of the walls and the furniture.

Previously written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME magazine. View it here. View more of Kimberly’s work here.


“Gray’s Anatomy” by Kimberly Reuther

Gray is a significant neutral color that often gets overlooked in favor of the more dramatic black or the happier camel shades.  However, this year, gray is the belle of the ball.  It is enjoying a resurgence in fashion, home design and luxury style.  So, what makes gray such a fabulous color and how do you use it in your home?

The color gray is unique in that the two extremes evoke completely different emotions.  The lightest shade of soft silver is cool, airy and works with fresh color palettes.  Deeper, more intense shades of gray offer new possibilities to a space and provide nurturing comfort.  Another selling point is the color’s ability to play well with others.  Introducing a pop of color (almost any color fits) creates a more dynamic and inviting space.

Another wonderful attribute of this color is it’s ability to transcend defined styles.  Gray can be rustic, masculine, sensual, rich, velvety, casual, contemporary, modern, feminine, traditional, and the list goes on & on.  It is also a wonderful backdrop for colorful artwork as well as a popular choice for candid & architectural photographs.

In light of all these qualities, how can we live without it?

If you are still unconvinced, here a few photos to illustrate my points…stay tuned for Q & A after the images.

Q. What if I don’t want to paint my walls gray?

A.  Painting is one of the easiest ways to incorporate a color, albeit temporarily, into your home.  However, not all of us are up for the task at hand.  These images are examples of ways to add punches of gray without hiring a painter!

Q.  Do I need to stick to a neutral palette if I want to use gray in my home?

A.  Absolutely not.  If you love color, then by all means, infuse your home with color.  Gray elements can provide a balance to your color choices as shown below.

Q.  How much is too much gray?

A.  Partly that is determined by the shade of gray you choose and how much you love the color.  Remember, gray is a neutral so it can serve as the main backdrop with splashes of white or color as accents.  There are no hard and fast rules when determining your color scheme.  Most of it is made up of personal preference.  Get inspired by the photos below.

Previously posted on AT HOME’s website.  View the original post here.  Read more about Kimberly’s work by visiting her website.



Which Roman Shade Are You? – Kimberly Reuther

Roman shades are basically the chameleon of window treatments.  They can conform to almost any decorating style, window size/shape, they have top down/bottom up features, blackout lining, cordless options for child safety, the list goes on and on.  So, how do you determine which one fits your style, home, and personality?

Here, I’ve broken down the basic five types of Roman shades to correspond with specific lifestyle and decorating tastes.  As I stated before, they are a chameleon breed so there is no hard and fast rule to follow.  Just trust your instincts and imagination to select the best choice for your home!

Classic Roman Shades – relaxed americana style, painted, weathered furniture, twill slipcovered upholstery, casual, whimsical accessories, kid-friendly spaces, crisp color palettes, cottage stripes, farmer’s market, coastal indulgences

Flat Roman Shades – sophisticated decor, understated elegance, clean lines, tailored furniture, rich wood finishes, neutral palettes, drum shades, contrast banding, semi-formal entertaining style, cocktail hour, natural light, low-pile wool carpets

Relaxed Roman Shades – shabby chic feel, subtle toile patterns, feminine lines, relaxed refinement, antiques, soft, natural linens, abundance of pillows, billowy fabrics, fresh flowers, fragrant candles, Parisian influences

Soft Fold Roman Shades – classic, traditional style, opulent silks, velvets, and damasks, leather sofas, warm wood paneling, nailhead details, turned legs, formal entertaining, masculine environments, architectural features

Solar Roman Shades – modern power couple, minimalist accessories, sleek furnishings, art displayed like galleries, linear forms, bold accent colors against neutral backdrops, lively dinner parties, open floor plans, cutting-edge technology

If you get stuck, consult with one of our talented team of designers!

Originally written by Kimberly for St. Louis AT HOME’s website.  View post here.  You can see more of Kimberly’s work here.

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